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Tokyo Snack Box e-gift card

If you are looking for an original “Japan” gift idea for a Japanese culture lover, look no further!

Whether it is for Christmas, a birthday or any other important occasion, giving a gift box has become one of the most popular ideas in recent years. Original, personal, and fun,you can be sure to please whoever receives it.

Are you looking for a special gift for a close friend, fan of Japan, but prefer to let them choose their box? We created the Tokyo Snack Box gift card for you!

Our gift cards allow their recipients to choose for themselves what they would like, from all the items available on our website.

More than a gift, it is a unique and unforgettable experience that you offer to your friends or lovers, who will be able to travel to Japan through their taste buds.

Important point: our gift cards have no expiration date and are valid forever (please try to use them before 2049 ...)

Important point # 2: by purchasing a gift card, you will receive a digital code to communicate, and not a physical gift card, for obvious ecological reasons.