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KitKat Heartful Bear

There is no doubt that KitKats are among the most popular snacks you can find in Japan, famous for their unique and quirky flavors. Despite our common fondness for the traditional shape of the KitKat bar, Nestlé is constantly breaking new ground by creating delicious character-shaped chocolates, especially for special occasions and the seasons.

Last year, Nestlé unveiled its first bear-shaped KitKats on Valentine's Day, and the response was nothing short of remarkable. The limited-edition chocolates, adorned with an endearing bear holding a heart-shaped balloon printed with one of three Valentine's Day messages - 'I ♡ U', 'For U' or 'Thx!' - disappeared from the shelves in just one week.

The good news is that the KitKat Love Bear is making a comeback this year, allowing enthusiasts to enjoy this exclusive Japanese treat once again.

Pieces: 7 per box (metal)

Weight: 200g

Allergens: flour, milk, soy