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KitKat Sakura & Kinako

Embark on a culinary journey to the heart of Japan with this Kit Kat mixing the flavors of Sakura and Kinako, a fusion between delicate cherry blossoms and the rich, nutty essence of Kinako. Let us reveal the captivating story behind the exquisite taste of Kinako.

Kinako is a traditional Japanese ingredient made from roasted soybeans. To produce kinako, soybeans are roasted and ground into a fine, golden, distinctive powder. This process gives the powder a particular nutty flavor and toasted aroma. Kinako is commonly used in Japanese cuisine to enhance the taste of various dishes.

Add to that the velvety sweetness of Sakura-infused white chocolate, and the result is a symphony of flavors that marry the floral elegance of cherry blossoms with the comforting depth of roasted soy flour, creating a unique indulgence that pays homage to Japan's culinary heritage.

Pieces: 10 per pack

Weight: 150g

Allergens: flour, milk, soy