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Alternative Candysan Box and Discount Coupon

Photo d'une Tokyo Snack Box en comparaison avec une box de chez Candysan

As you probably know, the famous Japanese snack company "Candysan" closed its doors at the beginning of 2023, when it had just celebrated its tenth anniversary.

Tokyo Snack Box : The Best Alternative To Candysan

We therefore offer you an alternative to the Candysan box, which includes:

  • 25 Japanese snacks and candies (sweet / salty)
  • a small gift from Japan (bookmark, mini figurine, chopsticks, coasters etc...)
  • a "guide" sheet for the products, with the list of allergens

This box is available in two formats:

If you use the discount code "CANDYSAN", you will benefit from a 10% discount on your entire order, valid on our entire store.

Here is a little comparison that may help you choose your next Japan special box. There is surely criterias that I forgot, but here's an overview!

Comparative Tokyo Snack Box Candysan
Price per box Between 33€ per box (6-month subscription)
and 39,90€ per box (monthly flat rate)
43.98€ (before they stopped)
Contents 25 snacks/bonbons
+ 1 gift (chopsticks, figurine etc.)
+ des stickers
About 15 snacks/sweets
+ 1 or 2 drinks
+ des stickers
Shipping Company via Japan Post
then the French post office or Chronopost
Receipt within 5 to 7 working days
via DHL
Timeline not indicated but approximately 1 week.
Purchase Options Subscription or one-time purchase Subscription

By now, you've probably understood that if you want a box with more varieties, our monthly box is probably the best choice. If, on the other hand, you wanted to have fewer sweets but want to try the fanta (or other drink) from Japan, Candysan box was made for you!

Why did Candysan stop

Announced on Twitter and then on Twitch at the beginning of January 2023, Candysan has ceased its activities of sending Japanese candies and snacks, after 10 years of good and loyal service. In their statement, they indicate that it is mainly the problems of importing food to Europe and shipments via DHL that caused a lot of problems.

It had become impossible for them to continue to be profitable in the long term.

I can only wish good luck to Tev and the team at Ici Japon, and hope that their current problems will be resolved someday.

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