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All about Japan - Japanese Holidays

Public holidays in Japan

Japanese people wearing a kimono during a festival

Japan often has the image of a country whose employees work all the time, without holidays. Well that is actually a misconception!

Indeed, Japan is one of the countries with the most festivals (matsuri) and public holidays (16). Most are rooted in Buddhist and Shinto rituals and beliefs.

Unlike most other countries, when a public holiday falls on a Sunday, the following working day becomes a bank holiday. Nothing better than a Monday off!

January 1st

New Year

2nd Monday in January

Coming of Age Day

February 11th

February 23rd

Japan's founding day

Emperor's birthday

March 20th or 21st

Spring Equinox

April 29th

Commemoration Day of Emperor Hirohito

May 3rd

Constitution Day

May 4th

Green Day

May 5th

Children's Day

3rd Monday in July 

Sea day

August 11th

Mountain Day

3rd Monday in September

Day of Respect for the Elderly

September 22nd or 23rd

Autumnal Equinox

2nd Monday in October 

Health and Sports Day

November 3rd

Culture day

November 23rd

Labor Day

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