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About - Japanese Snacks and Entrepreneurship

Hey! Thanks for checking out the "about" page. It probably means you are curious about this entrepreneurial project, so let me try to summarize the journey of Tokyo Snack Box for you.

My name is Baptiste, I'm French and I've been living in Japan since 2017.

But the story of Tokyo Snack Box started more recently, in 2020, as I was stuck in Japan, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Unable to go back home for holidays and after more than a year without meeting my friends and family, I decided to send them some Japanese gifts.

They REALLY enjoyed the experience! After getting such positive feedback, I decided to start Tokyo Snack Box in September 2020. I felt it was the best way to help people living abroad get a taste of Japan.

While nobody was able to move freely, I tried to share Japanese snacks and allow people to travel, without having to take a plane.

Since then, Tokyo Snack Box grew from a dozen ... to a couple hundred boxes a month. And snack lovers can't get enough of it!

On average a customer is buying 2.83 times, and I receive lovely emails every week about how it helped them overcome the struggle of not being able to visit Japan.

Thanks to all this support, I also had the chance to be featured in major French TV news channel, but also more recently on national Japanese TV!

It's already been one year since this entrepreneurial journey started, and I am thankful for all the positive that came from this amazing experience.