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Best Japanese Box: Tokyo Treat vs Bokksu + our Alternative

La meilleure box japonaise, Tokyo Treat ou Bokksu

In the world of Japanese boxing, there are two giants clashing. If you're French, you probably know Candysan (RIP), but today we will talk about two companies that are competing for the US and global market.

Bokksu, the $100 million company

Bokksu is an American company, based in New York, which has been offering Japanese boxes since 2016. Subscribers receive a selection of traditional and artisanal snacks each month, accompanied by a cultural guide on the regions of Japan where the snacks come from, as well as a tea bag.

Bokksu is considered one of the pioneers in the market and recently received a 22 million investment for a company that is valued up to 100 millions of dollars!

Tokyo Treat, at the heart of the trend

Tokyo Treat is a similar company, whose history dates back to 2015 when its founder, Ayumi Chikamoto, had an idea after sending snacks to her friends living abroad. Unlike Bokksu, Tokyo Treat is based in Japan.

Subscribers receive a selection of Japanese snacks each month, including sweets, candies, savory snacks and beverages, with a focus on the latest trends in Japanese food and beverages. Bokksu vs Tokyo Treat is actually artisanal versus trendy.

Tokyo Snack Box, the French alternative

Tokyo Snack Box therefore offers an alternative to these two companies, with a box that includes:

  • 25 Japanese snacks and candies (sweet / salty)
  • a small gift from Japan (bookmark, mini figurine, chopsticks, coasters etc...)
  • a "guide" sheet in English (or in French if necessary) for the products, with the list of allergens

This box is available in two formats:

If you use one of the coupon codes "BOKKSU" or "TOKYOTREAT", you will get 10% off your entire order, valid across our entire store.

Here is a little comparison that may help you choose your next Japanese snack box.

Comparative Tokyo Snack Box Tokyo Treat Bokks
Price per box Between 33€ per box (6-month plan) and 39,90€ per box (monthly plan), shipping included.
Between $32.5 per box (12-month plan) and $37.50 per box (monthly plan)
+ shipping costs $12.5 per box
Between $39.99 per box (12-month plan) and $49.99 per box (monthly plan)
+ shipping costs of $9,99
Currency Payment available in many currencies, including dollars, pounds, euros etc... Dollars only + banks will charge a currency conversion costs if you pay in another currency Dollars only + banks will charge a currency conversion costs if you pay in another currency
Contents 25 snacks/bonbons
+ 1 gift (chopsticks, figurine etc.)
+ stickers
About 17 snacks/sweets
+ 1 drink
Environ 22 snacks
+ a tea bag
+ a booklet on Japan
Transporter via Japan Post then your local post
Reception within 5 to 7 working days
via DHL
Reception within 2 to 5 working days
via DHL or Japan Post
Reception within 5 to 7 working days
Purchase Options Subscription or one-time purchase Subscription Subscription
Languages French or English English English

No matter which Japanese box you choose, you'll get a great taste of Japan in each one. But your choice can have a huge impact on your experience (and your wallet)!

By now, you've probably understand that if you want a cheaper box with more varieties, our monthly Tokyo Snack Box is probably your best alternative.

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