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KitKat Premium : Pomme de Shinshu

Discover our package of premium Japanese KitKat Apple flavor from Shinshu, for a unique and authentic tasting experience.

The Shinshu region near Matsumoto is famous for its premium apples. Local farmers grow unique varieties here, whose aromas and flavors are recognized throughout Japan.

Our premium Shinshu Apple Flavor KitKat is made with premium milk chocolate, combined with pureed Shinshu apples to deliver a fruity and tangy flavor.

Our pack of premium Shinshu Apple Flavor Japanese KitKat is an ideal choice for those looking to experience the unique flavors of the Matsumoto region, while enjoying a gourmet snack. Order now for an unforgettable tasting experience.

Pieces: 10 per pack

Weight: 160g

Allergens: flour, milk, soy