Tokyo Snack Box for English Speakers

First things first, I have to apologize for not having a fully translated website. I can understand that if you don't speak French and aren't using an automatic translator in your browser, it must be quite confusing.

The truth is, the website was first in both French & English versions but it was causing way too many issues related to Google search, so I had to abandon the idea of having a billingual website.

Before going any further, allow me to say that if you have any question or concern, I would be very happy to answer them all, so just email me at


What is Tokyo Snack Box?

Tokyo Snack Box is a monthly box of Japanese snacks.
This box contains an assortment of the most popular salty and sweet snacks as well as a small gift from Japan (exclusive to the family format).
Every month, this assortment changes which means you won't get the same snacks twice.

When you order your monthly Tokyo Snack Box, you have to select:

Tokyo Snack Box is following a subscription model. It means we will automatically charge you on every 20th of the month and send you a new box of japanese snacks until you cancel your subscription.

To cancel your subscription, it takes 3 clicks and 15 seconds.

You just have to head to your account page, your subscription and then cancel it. Super easy. You can also decide to pause it, if you want to wait a couple of months before getting another box. Again, if any concern, email me at

Now, if you don't cancel it (we send a reminder email, don't worry), we will send you the following boxes.

Also, let's imagine that you chose a Discovery box for your first order but really loved it and want to change it to a Family Box for even more snacks. Also possible! Same thing: account > subscription > modify it.

What if you already know that you only want to order one box (for a gift or birthday etc..)? Just order a box and cancel the subscription right away. You will only be charged and receive the first box.


What about the other boxes?

If you've checked our website, you might have noticed that we have 2 other boxes, on top of the monthly one. The Japanese KitKat box and the Umaibox.

These boxes are one-time purchases, not subscriptions.

If you want to get a 2nd one, you will need to order again.

The KitKat box contains all the best Japanese KitKat, that are usually impossible to find in Europe, as these Japan-limited created by Nestle.

About the KitKat Box, you can find the detailed list right here:

The Umaibox is even more Japanese as it contains the best-selling snack of all time in Japan: the Umaibo.

For those of you who have no idea what a Umaibo is, it has a cylindrical shape, puffed and made of corn. There are about 20 different flavors that represent the most traditional tastes of the Japanese cuisine.

Every Japanese person has probably eaten a few hundreds of these when they were younger (and still continue as adults!) and it is not rare to see news articles about the yearly rankings of Umaibo's flavors. It's like a religion here.

In our Umaibox, for which you can find more details here:


That's it!
Again, sorry if you can't speak French but I really hope that this page has helped you understand the products we are selling.

If have any question or concern, I would be very happy to answer them all, so just email me at

Offrir la Tokyo Snack Box

Un Cadeau Original du Japon

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Pour cela, contactez-nous à après votre achat.
Vous pouvez nous envoyer le message dans votre langue ou demander à ce que nous le traduisions en Japonais.

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