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News from Japan - January 31, 2022

the high salt

Salière en forme de sumo

The Japanese brand Felissimo has launched a rather unusual collection of items. Indeed, this one is inspired by Japanese sumo wrestlers.

Aiming both to show respect for these athletes, but also to create fun products, the You + More sub-brand range includes four items.

Among them, the most unusual is this sumo salt shaker, also called "Shiomasa wo Saigen Dekiru Rikishi no Choumiryou Case". Can be translated as "samurai seasoning case with which you can replenish the salt throw", it reproduces the sumo wrestler throwing salt into the ring, in order to purify it before a fight. This product therefore makes it possible to reproduce this traditional salt spray before each meal.

One of the other items is a "Hakkeyoi, Nokotta! Sumo ga Toreru Dohyo" cover.

The name comes from "Hakkeyoi", a phrase shouted by the sumo referee when the two wrestlers stopped moving. But also "Nokotta!" ("Not yet!"), Says the referee when one of the wrestlers goes on the attack.

Or "Sumo ga toreru" meaning that the wrestler fell from the "dohyo" ("sumo ring").

The product allows exactly to reproduce these actions and fights with the wrestlers, thanks to zippers-sumo.

The salt shaker is sold for 1,980 yen (about 15 euros) and the pouch for 3,080 yen (about 24 euros).

The Lindor Sakura: Lindt chocolate exclusively in Japan

Le Sakura Lindor, chocolat Lindt exclusivement au Japon

The Lindt brand is doing something new for the sakura season in Japan. In January, it unveils a new chocolate only available in Japan: Lindor Sakura.

This little ball, looking like a mysterious planet, and with a pink core, is described as being a “roller coaster of flavors”. Passing through floral aromas, but also with tangy fruits, sweet fruits, creamy chocolate to finish with a broad taste of sakura, this product from the Swiss brand is already a great success among lovers of chocolate and cherry blossoms.

The Japanese regularly experience new limited edition products from international brands, whose flavors are particularly innovative. That's why, for the hanami season, Lindt offers a Japanese-only product "the world's first Lindor Sakura". And it's amazing, because the brand had never done anything similar in any of the 120 countries where it is present.

Other Lindors exist with Japanese flavors, such as the green Matcha taste, released in 2018 and limited to sale in Asia and Australia.

Having the opportunity to be one of the lucky ones, we want to share with you the experience of Japanese Lindor tastes.

You can find the tastes Sakura and Matcha on the store.

Hologram boxes in Japanese konbini

Une caisse à hologramme dans une supérette japonaise

Japanese convenience stores, also called konbini, are known to be very convenient. But they will become even more so, thanks to the new contactless automatic checkouts, with the help of holograms. From February 1, several 7-Elevens in Tokyo will use this new technology, which notably reduces the risk of coronavirus infection.

The "Digi POS", is equipped with the first technology in the world of display both contactless and aerial for a point of sale system.

They are very easy to use: the contactless screen appears as soon as the product is scanned. It is only visible from the angle of the user, but invisible to people around.

This project is the work of six companies, including Toshiba Tec, 7-Eleven, Asukanet Development, Kanda Kogyo Development, Mitsui Chemicals Development and Mitsui Bussan Plastic.

This tool consists of a flat screen, an optical element (overhead display plate) and sensors to detect finger movements.

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