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News from Japan - January 26, 2022

The plush that nibbles your finger

La peluche qui grignote votre doigt contre le stress

The unusual product of CES 2022 (Consumer Electronics Show) is presented by Yukai Engineering. This is the Amagami Ham Ham, a soft toy that bites your fingers.

According to the manufacturer, we all secretly crave a desire to have our fingers chewed, but it's hard to do that with your baby or puppy. So, the Amagami Ham Ham (“ham” meaning in Japanese “soft bite”) has 20 different types of bites to surprise whoever puts their finger in it.

The benefits of this plush would be that it relieves stress and soothes the person who is having their finger nibbled.

The product is available in two models, inspired by the characters from the Nemu Nemu series by Lov Heart: a calico cat - Yuzu - and a shiba inu dog - Kotaro.

A robot that delivers your meal

Un robot qui livre votre repas et votre café

The Japanese company Mitsubishi Estate Co. has tested autonomous robots capable of transporting coffee or delivering meals.

In the Ōtemachi district, one of Tokyo's largest financial districts, a hundred robots have been deployed to experiment with transporting Starbucks coffee or delivering bento lunch boxes.

Mitsubishi, as well as NEC Networks & System Integration Corp. and Panasonic Corp. organized the demonstration this week. They showed that the robots can be used by office workers looking for an easy way to buy their lunch more easily, in an often crowded neighborhood. Food is therefore ordered via a smartphone, while the demand for contactless deliveries is increasing (due to COVID-19 in particular).

The robot can also be used to clean or ensure the security of buildings, in addition to delivering meals.

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry encourages Mitsubishi to develop its products and environments where robots can move around buildings efficiently and even work alongside humans.

Beer lover's paradise

Un konbini japonais propose plus de 300 bières artisanales

Are you a beer lover? You will find your paradise in Japan, and more specifically in Yokohama, in the Kanagawa prefecture.

Indeed, a convenience store - konbini - open 7 days a week and 24 hours a day offers more than 300 craft beers that come from the country, but also from all over the world.

The store manager, hit by the pandemic, decided to renew his offer by offering a huge selection of beers, sometimes up to 500 different ones. Birthplace of Japanese beer, Yokohama was therefore the perfect city to host this konbini.

With totally original tastes such as mango, orange, cherry, cucumber and many others, we also find beers known to us, such as Chimay Dorée.

You should know that the Japanese are real beer lovers. Often in a restaurant or bar, in the early evening, they order a draft beer - nama bīru (生ビール). The very famous alcoholic drink in the Land of the Rising Sun is nihonshu (日本酒). Famous Japanese rice alcohol, it is often mistakenly called “sake”, a term referring to alcohol in general in Japan. This drink is cold in summer and hot in winter.

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