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News from Japan - February 25, 2022

Japan's sanctions against Russia

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida strongly condemned the Russian invasion of Ukraine

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida strongly condemned the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

He also announced that the government would impose additional sanctions: the suspension of visa issuance, the freezing of the assets of certain Russian individuals, entities and financial institutions, restrictions on exports to Russian entities linked to the military and export controls on semiconductors. Other measures may follow.

Kishida said that this attack takes place in defiance of the efforts of the international community and is a clear violation of international law, undermining Ukraine's sovereignty and integrity.

There are approximately 120 Japanese nationals in Ukraine. The government will do everything possible to ensure their safety and will support those wishing to evacuate the territory to Poland.


The first hotel run entirely by robots

The first japanese hotel run entirely by robots

In Japan, more precisely in Nagasaki, is the first hotel entirely managed by robots. In humanoid form, they are responsible for multilingual reception, room service, doorman and porter.

The Henn-na Hotel was created in 2015 with the initial objective of filling the shortage of manpower.

However, whether it is technical problems, the inability to respond to certain customer requests or the fact that human warmth is irreplaceable, the limit of this system has been felt.

The Henn-na Hotel is still an unusual experience and synonymous with change, notably named by the Guinness World Records.


The festival of lifting giant rice cakes

In Kyoto, the Daigoji temple welcomes a festival where participants lift giant rice cakes

In the city of Kyoto, the temple of Daigoji (listed as a World Heritage Site) hosts a one-of-a-kind festival: participants compete by lifting giant rice cakes.

In different formats - 150 kg for men and 90 kg for women - the effort made to carry this huge rice cake is supposed to bring good health, according to tradition.

In Japan, many festivals are unusual. For example :

-Festival des pleurs de bébés (Naki Sumo Matsuri – Nakizumo)

-Festival du pénis (Kanamara Matsuri – Kanamara Festival)

- “Try Before You Die” Festival (Shukatsu Festa)

-Festival du nombril (Hokkai Heso Matsuri – Hokkaido Belly Button Festival)

-Festival de la malédiction (Akutai Matsuri – Akutai Matsuri)

-Festival du rire (Warai / Nyu Matsuri)

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AUDOIN Laurent
AUDOIN Laurent

March 03, 2022

Toujours excellentes ces nouvelles hebdomadaires (notamment ce 2 mars l’intervention du Premier Ministre japonais en faveur de l’Ukraine). Baptiste, tu es vraiment intéressant ! Très cordialement, Laurent

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