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News from Japan - February 24, 2022

The Best Cities in Japan for Students

Rikkyo University in Japan, famous for its chapel and beautiful gardens

Japan is one of the best destinations for foreign students. With its advanced technology, excellent quality of life and cultural richness, there are many attractive cities. Here is the full list:

1 - Tokyo: Japanese capital, it is the largest metropolis in the world, with 37 million inhabitants. In the city of Tokyo, there are 12 internationally renowned universities, including Tokyo University, the first university in Japan. Although the cost of living is high, so is the quality of life.

2 - Osaka: The second largest metropolitan area in Japan, it is a great destination for students. Osaka University is the third best institution of higher education in Japan. The city offers a calmer and more convivial environment.

3 - Kyoto: With more than 13,000 foreign students, it is easy to integrate into this city. Kyoto University is the second largest school in the country. The city is rich in history, with 17 UNESCO heritage sites.

4 - Sendai: Less known, this city is home to the fourth school, Tohoku University. It is an excellent place for those who want to avoid the touristy places and a more authentic place.

5 - Nagoya: Destination with an urban lifestyle, it is however easier to visit and travel in the city. Nagoya University is ranked as the fifth best institute in Japan.

6 - Fukuoka: Third region in Japan with the most international students, Kyushu University is the sixth Japanese school. It is a “city of startups” and one of the oldest cities in the archipelago.

7 - Tsukuba: Less than an hour from Tokyo, it is easy to get there, but the cost of living is cheaper than in many other cities. His university is eighth in the ranking

8 - Sapporo: The main city of the island of Hokkaido hosts the ninth university. With its natural beauty, Sapporo makes it possible to find quality accommodation at low prices.

9 - Kobe: Located near Osaka and Kyoto, the city allows you to have a more relaxed routine all the same. Its twelfth-ranked university has a high rate of international students.

10 - Chiba: Close to Tokyo (30 minutes by train), the lifestyle is affordable and comfortable. With more than 1,000 students from 50 countries in Chiba University, there are many international students.


Digital helps the elderly

A new japanese technologie that detects the physical activity based on captors in the shoe insoles

With the aging of its population, Japan is launching electronic technologies to support the elderly in their physical activity.

In April, the Hitachi company wants to launch a health application for the elderly. It will track the activity of these people with the amount of walking they do, as well as the frequency of their outings. Next, it will suggest ways to incentivize users to be active, such as discounts on insurance premiums.

The NEC company is developing sensors for shoes that will track data on the physical condition of users in real time. For example, it will be possible to track walking speed and stride length.


An NFT project in football

Ludo Labs, an NFT project linking with football stars

Rakuten is collaborating with the Japan Professional Football League on a NFT (non-fungible token) project. This technology makes it possible to prove the authenticity of digital products and extends to the world of sport.

So Rakuten and the J. League will be selling digitally altered player images in April. It will allow the football league to have a new source of income, in order to compensate for the loss of supporters due to COVID.

This is not the first time that NFTs have been used in a football-related project. We find for example Game Labs, which has partnered with players such as Dybala, Dzeko, Pjanic, Abidal, Evra, Sagna etc... to launch their collection. In return, collectors can participate in online sessions (AMA: Ask Me Anything) with their favorite football stars, and even receive signed shirts or free tickets.

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