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News from Japan - March 23, 2022

An incredible and innovative hotel by the sea

The hotel Inn the Park, newly built on the beachside near Fukuoka

A new Inn the Park hotel is set up by the sea, in Fukuoka, on a site that extends over 6 km.

The hotel chain offers innovative, comfortable and luxurious accommodation. Indeed, it is possible to live in a spherical tent or a traditional glamping tent, which can accommodate lonely people and up to 8 people.

In all, there are 13 spherical tents, 12 glamping tents, 3 cabins by the sea and 1 suite.

Inside, there is a bedroom, a dining room, and even a fireplace. You can also enjoy an incredible view of the ocean.

The hotel's catering offers luxurious meals, notably from French gastronomy.


New motion capture technology

New motion capture technology invented by Tokyo University

A Japanese research team has created revolutionary motion capture technology.

Using artificial intelligence, the system determines the position of the person's joints.

Adapted to a skeleton model, the color of the muscles changes according to the intensity of the activity and the exercise performed.

As a result, this technology, which does not require an expert or specialized equipment, could be used in the fields of sport and rehabilitation.


A jam jar's lid that closes completely on its own, as if by magic

A jam jar that closes completely on its own

A few days ago, the words “jam jar lid” were trending on Japanese Twitter.

Indeed, one user shared a video of his jam lid spinning, only to close completely. And that, all by itself, as if by magic!

Internet users have therefore tried the experiment with their Aohata jam jars (one of the most popular brands in Japan and most of which have a jar at home) with success!

It is not known exactly by what miracle this lid closes, and the company has not yet answered these questions, but this system could well be practical for many products.

Here is the video showing how the lid closes:

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