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News from Japan - February 23, 2022

Emperor Naruhito's birthday

February 23rd is a national holiday in Japan, to celebrate Emperor Naruhito's birthday

February 23 is a public holiday in Japan to celebrate Emperor Naruhito's birthday.

On the occasion of his 62nd birthday, he wanted to talk about several people and key moments of the year. He spoke about his family relationships, especially with his niece (and former princess) Mako, who was married in controversy and for whom he wishes a happy life.

Naruhito wished to give his full support to his wife, Empress Masako. She has been suffering from a stress disorder for some time. Finally, he is happy that his only daughter, Aiko, has passed into adulthood, having turned 20 in December.

Regarding international relations, he said he was moved to see the interactions between athletes from all countries during the Tokyo and Beijing Olympics, despite some international tensions.

In addition, the Emperor wishes solidarity between nations for mutual support in the face of the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic.


Good manners to adopt in the subway in Japan

Poster showing good manners to adopt in the subway in Japan

In some metro stations, you can find posters recalling certain rules of good manners to adopt. Indeed, the Japanese metro is renowned for being codified in order to promote respect and the well-being of all.

Some of these good manners include:

- Let the others sit down and take up as little space as possible.

- No loud music, have discreet conversations.

- Do not run to enter the metro.

- Above all, do not eat in transport, they are very clean and must remain so.

- No pets, except in a carrying bag provided for this purpose.

- No phone calls, always out of respect for others.

- The bags are generally placed at the feet of the passengers, to avoid getting in the way.

- Obviously, leave priority places to those who are really in need (elderly, pregnant, sick, disabled).


A new arena in Tokyo Bay

Lala Arena Tokyo-Bay, a new arena that will open in Tokyo Bay for sport events and concerts

A new arena will open in Tokyo Bay. Scheduled for spring 2024, it is known as Lala Arena Tokyo-Bay.

The arena, with an area of 31,000 m², can organize both sporting events and concerts. This multi-purpose hall will thus be able to accommodate approximately 10,000 spectators.

The result of a collaboration between property developer Mitsui Fudosan and social media site Mixi, the arena will also be the new home of the Chiba Jets Funabashi basketball team, playing in the B1 League (first division).

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AUDOIN Laurent
AUDOIN Laurent

February 24, 2022

Baptiste bonjour, Des nouvelles du Japon toujours aussi passionnantes par leur singularité et leur intérêt. Je veux vivre à Gotham City, écouter religieusement l’empereur et me tenir bien dans le métro ! Très cordialement, Laurent

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