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News from Japan - March 22, 2022

Japan is currently in lack of electricity

Japan is currently facing lack of electricity

The Japanese government has warned of possible widespread power outages in Tokyo in the coming days.

Indeed, because of last week's earthquake, power plants have to temporarily cease their activities. The problem is that the country is hit by an unusual cold snap at this time of year, increasing the demand for electricity.

The Ministry of Industry calls on the population to save electricity to avoid any total power cut in certain cities, as when the earthquake occurred.


Discover these unusual beds designed for cats

Unusual summer beds designed for cats

With the beautiful seasons approaching, some people may suffer from the heat. And this is the case for cats and their fur!

Because of this, an original, but practical bed has been designed for these little furballs. With the appearance of a sundae of ice cream, a sandwich or even candy, this bed is made from material that makes it comfortable and very cool.

From the Hinnyari Oyatsu Time range of cat beds, the product is available in several models, allowing felines to rest and avoid overheating.


The marathon record set by an elderly Japanese woman

Yugeta Mariko holds the marathon record in the 60 years old and above

A new marathon world record has been set, and this time by a Japanese woman!

Indeed, Yugeta Mariko is the first woman over 60 to run a marathon in less than 3 hours.

She thus holds the world record for the marathon in the category of women aged 60 to 64. This performance is all the more incredible, as few marathon runners (men or women of any age) manage to go below the 3 hour mark.

The high school teacher and avid runner has competed in Japan's three major women's marathons (Nagoya, Osaka and Tokyo) and has already completed more than 100 races in all. His future goal: to finish a marathon in less than 2 hours and 50 minutes.

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