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News from Japan - January 21, 2022

The special Valentine's Day KitKat, exclusively in Japan

Des chocolats KitKat pour la Saint-Valentin, produit exclusif au Japon

KitKat is famous for producing many atypical confections in Japan, with flavors and tastes that are both strange and delicious.

Nestlé has innovated, by transforming its small chocolate-covered wafers, to mold them in different shapes, thus creating characters. Whether it's Santa Claus or a witch, the company has developed these little chocolates for special events (Christmas, Halloween, etc.). Available in several countries, Japan was not among those lucky ones. But that will change in January.

Indeed, Nestlé will release an exclusive character in Japan, on the occasion of Valentine's Day: the Heartful Bear. It represents a teddy bear, written “KitKat” on the feet and a heart-shaped balloon above the head with messages like "I ♡ U", "For U" or "Thx!". Manufactured in limited numbers and for a limited time, these bears will be available from January 24 for the Japanese.

This teddy bear was designed to celebrate Valentine's Day, a chocolate offering event in Japan.

Want to taste these little wonders?

The men's lace underpants

Un caleçon en dentelle conçu pour les hommes

Is lace only for women? No, according to Wacoal, a Japanese underwear manufacturer.

Since 1949, the company has strived to make people feel beautiful, adapting and innovating their products to meet new consumer needs.

So, recently, Wacoal has developed a lace boxer for men, the Lace Boxer. In a society that breaks free from traditional norms around "masculinity" and "femininity", they are highlighted with their exceptional product.

The company even had to exceed its financing objective by 1090%, initially of 300,000 yen (over €2,300). Reaching 3.27 million yen (+€25,000), the lace product was a huge success among male customers.

The boxer shorts are available in a range of seven colors, two of which are on sale in the Wacoal online store. The materials used offer men stretch and resistance as effective as regular boxer shorts. It also allows better breathability and comfort, allowing you to wear this lace boxer for long hours, without discomfort. Finally, with its patterns and lace, it highlights the beauty of the male body.

So gentlemen, ready to wear lace boxers? 


Technology that increases road safety

Une technologie pour assurer la sécurité routière

The Japanese mobility provider, Denso, has designed the Global Safety Package 3. It is an active safety system, developed to improve vehicle safety. The latter gives cars the possibility of detecting the environment and is already used for certain products (Hino Ranger, Lexus NX, Toyota Noah and Voxy).

This technology uses both a millimeter wave radar sensor and a vision sensor, helping drivers to control their vehicle safely. The radar sensor is used to perceive the shapes of objects on the road, while the vision sensor uses a camera to monitor the surroundings of the vehicle.

To reduce road accidents, Denso wants to offer high-tech safety products, but also at attractive prices, in order to benefit as many drivers as possible. The tool would make it possible to avoid all collisions at intersections, whether with other vehicles, cyclists or pedestrians. This third product model, designed at reduced costs by the Japanese manufacturer, can also be installed in several types of vehicle models.

Using artificial intelligence, Denso's innovation allows distance control, as well as the recognition of traffic signs.

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