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News from Japan - March 10, 2022

La société japonais Serendix développe des maisons sphériques imprimées en 3D.

A 3D printed house in less than 24 hours

The japanese company Serendix is developing 3D printed houses that can be built in less than 24 hours

The Japanese company Serendix develops spherical houses printed in 3D.

These homes have a futuristic and sleek appeal, but they're pretty cheap. With its 10 square meters, the mini-house would sell for three million yen, or more than 23,000 euros. The Japanese company even managed to build these houses in less than 24 hours.

Although it is debatable whether this house is habitable, it complies with Japanese earthquake standards and European insulation standards.


Mermaid mummy found

Mermaid mummy found in Japan

In Japan, scientists have begun analyzes on the mummy of a mermaid found in a temple.

The desiccated corpse, with hollow eyes, half-open mouth and hands on the face as an expression of fear, has the lower body similar to a fish.

With a mysterious history, the beast would have been fished between 1736 and 1741 according to a note. It was then bought by a family before being passed on to other owners during the Meiji era (1868). But no one knows how this creature arrived in the temple of Enjuin.

Scientists therefore wish to determine the nature of this species, with a half-monkey, half-fish body. This would help determine if the mermaid mummy is genuine, or if it has been modified by humans.

According to some Japanese legends, eating mermaid flesh allows you to be immortal.


A driverless minibus for rural areas in Japan

A driverless minibus for rural areas in Japan

In depopulated rural areas of Japan, trials are being carried out for driverless minibuses.

In order to overcome the lack of labor in these villages, but also to facilitate travel (especially for seniors or disabled people), the ABC (Autonomous Bus Challenge) project is planned for 2025.

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