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News from Japan - March 9, 2022

Baby Tech, these intelligent technologies that facilitate the education of children

A smart lamp to understand babies

Japan relies on “Baby Tech” technologies to facilitate the education of children.

The Japanese Ministry of Industry has been experimenting with smart technologies to help parents. In particular, there is a smart lamp for baby beds. The latter uses artificial intelligence to define the reason why a child is crying (anger, boredom, sleep, hunger, etc.).

There is also the smart cradle, which monitors the baby's sleep pattern and cradles it, if necessary, to get the child back to sleep. It also allows parents to sleep a few extra hours.


A stone that has held a demon for over 1,000 years breaks in two

On the island of Honshu, at Nasu, is a very famous stone : Sessho-seki

On the island of Honshu, specifically in the volcanic zone at Nasu, is a very famous stone.

According to legend, Sessho-seki (also called “killing stone”) is a stone that has held a demon for over 1,000 years. This demon, a nine-tailed fox named Tamamo-no-mae would have taken human form in order to kill Emperor Toba (reign of 1107 - 1123).

Defeated by the warrior Miura-Nosuke, the demon would be encased in this deadly stone, which would kill anyone who dared touch it.

Except that for a few days, this stone has broken in two, suggesting that the evil spirit of Tamamo-no-mae has escaped.

Other, more rational media indicate that the event took place as a result of natural erosion.


Important Women of Modern Japan

Yumi Ishikawa, leader of the #KuToo movement

The day after International Women's Day, let's highlight those of modern Japan, such as:

1- Ichiyo Higuchi, who appeared on The Japanese ¥5,000 Note and was Japan's first professional female writer.

2- Shidzue Kato, pioneer of the birth control movement. His work paved the way for the legalization of the birth control pill. In Japan, this legalization did not take place until 1999.

3- Ichikawa Fusae, for her fight for women's suffrage in 1945.


5- Chiaki Mukai, first Japanese and Asian woman in space.

6- Yumi Ishikawa, instigator of the #KuToo movement. This movement denounces the unfair policy that Japanese women had to wear heels and pumps to work. #KuToo is not a fight against heels, but a fight for the freedom to choose.

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