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News from Japan - February 8, 2022

The Slowpoke paradise

Hotel rooms that represent the Slowpoke pokemon In Kagawa prefecture, also called Udon prefecture (udon are Japanese noodles), we can see Slowpokes everywhere.


It is a collaboration between Pokémon Company and the prefecture for a travel campaign “Slowing Paradise in Kagawa”. A ferry, buses and shuttles, as well as hotel rooms represent Slowpoke since February 4. The cooperation of several local companies make Slowpoke a very present travel ambassador in the cities of the prefecture.

Posted as an advertisement, a video features scenes from Slowpoke, who wanders around several famous locations in Kagawa.

Arriving at Takamatsu Airport, you can take a photo with a sign Slowpoke indicating: "Welcome to the prefecture of Udon!".

To travel within the prefecture, it is possible to take the ferry or even the Slowpokebus.

Some of the Slowpoke-themed rooms include the Kotohira Onsen Kotosankaku. It offers accommodation mixing the Pokémon spirit and Japanese tradition, with a tatami floor. Guests at these hotels also receive a free of charge Softpad towel.

This famous Water/Psychic-type Pokémon, called Yadon (ヤドン) in Japanese, has been Kagawa's udon ambassador since 2018, because its Japanese name sounds like noodles.

A "smart" mask for firefighters

A "smart" mask for japanese firefighters

NEC, a Japanese electronics manufacturer, has designed a “smart mask” for firefighters.

This high-tech equipment can help firefighters find their way in smoky rooms, see in the dark and display crucial information in a fire situation.

Equipped with an infrared camera and a screen, it can find the way, locate people in danger and display data, such as the amount of oxygen remaining in the air tanks.

The mask also shares images and data with commanders, enabling communication with firefighters in action.

The Japanese company hopes to have its product in use by firefighters by 2023.


The obligation of the microchip for pets

the microchip for japanese pets

From June 2022, Japanese pet owners will have to implant a microchip in the body of these animals.

Indeed, dogs and cats sold by breeders and pet shops will have to have a microchip implanted (2 millimeters in diameter, 12 millimeters long). This is introduced by a veterinarian, using a syringe, records the information of the owner of the animal.

This makes it possible to avoid the abandonment of pets, but also to find these animals lost following a natural disaster.

Most pet owners seem unaware of this upcoming obligation. Among them, the majority do not wish to have their dog or cat implanted with a microchip.

For them, the main reasons are: "It is immoral to implant a chip in a living being" or "My pet is still inside and I am also worried about some problem related to the implantation of a foreign body in the body of my animal".

And you, are you in favor or against this new device?

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