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News from Japan - June 7, 2022

The abortion pill authorized in Japan, with the agreement of the spouse

The abortion pill in Japan

By the end of the year, the abortion pill will be authorized in Japan.

Nevertheless, women will have to obtain the agreement of their companion, which agitates many associations.

In addition, medical abortion will not be covered by health insurance and will cost 100,000 yen (more than 700 euros).

This pill, accessible in France since 1982, shows the backwardness of Japan on the consideration of women. The country is one of eleven countries where it is necessary to obtain the consent of a third party to perform a surgical abortion


Ban on nicknames and use of -san in Japanese schools

A group of japanese pupils wearing uniforms

Some Japanese schools prohibit nicknames between students and impose the use of -san.

Indeed, according to these schools, “-san” allows to show that one respects the person and dissuades from hurting classmates. The “-san” is considered the Japanese version of “M.” or “Mrs”, but can also be used with the first name.

For example, when talking with Yoshio Yamada, you can call him Yamada-san or Yoshio-san.

Additionally, the nickname tends to be demeaning according to school principals. This often refers to a physical trait or an error made by the student, which can harm him.


A free space to create your TikTok videos

A free space dedicated to TikTok creation in Shibuya

A free TikTok studio space can be accessed at Miyashita Park.

The TikTok Community Base allows you to create your content, meet other TikTokers and get inspired by the videos broadcast on the space's screens.

The place is open for free from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.

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