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News from Japan - March 7, 2022

The first metaverse audio platform

Cubemint the first metaverse audio platform, happening in a virtual Japan world

Over the years, accentuated by the pandemic, the world has become even more digital than before. For example, the metaverse has grown.

Until now, most metaverse technology has been visual, not promoting global inclusion. Indeed, the visually impaired could not use this type of digital tools.

So, Kyoto-based company Dokidoki Co Ltd created an audio metaverse platform, aiming to include more users. This digital social world, accessible to everyone, is available on the Cubemint platform, which is currently in the test phase.

This new technology thus makes it possible to eliminate the loneliness and isolation of users. Accessible with simple headphones, it thus makes it possible to connect the physical world to the virtual world, using sound.


A wheelchair that allows you to walk

LifeHub, a japanese startup, wants to launch a wheelchair that allows you to walk

The Japanese start-up specializing in mobility, LifeHub, wants to launch an innovation in 2023 in Japan: a wheelchair allowing you to “walk”.

The “legs” of the wheelchair can extend vertically, allowing the user to stand on just two wheels of the wheelchair. This allows users to move through narrow or crowded spaces, and even avoid certain obstacles.

The company has raised nearly 800,000 euros (100 million yen) to develop its product. The initial 2023 release will be limited to Japan, though its mass model is slated for 2024 internationally.

According to the founder and CEO, Hiroshi Nakano, the goal is also to add remote control functionality, as well as sensors detecting obstacles.


The return of the Tokyo Marathon

Eliud Kipchoge won the Tokyo 2021 marathon

After more than two years of interruption, the marathon has finally resumed on Japanese soil. The Tokyo Marathon was held on Sunday March 6, hosting around 19,000 runners.

The organization of the sporting event was held in compliance with health rules: participants took PCR tests, runners were divided into groups and people aged 65 and over were recommended not to participate. .

The Kenyans Eliud Kipchoge (men's race: 2 hours 2 minutes and 40 seconds) and Brigid Kosgei (2 hours 16 minutes and 2 seconds) won this edition.

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