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News from Japan - January 7, 2022

The flying car made in JapanThe company SkyDrive unveiled their flying car named SD-03

SkyDrive, the Tokyo-based company, has unveiled a brand new model of a flying car. The SD-03 was presented at the Consumer Electronics Show this week. The device, equipped with eight propellers, can reach a maximum speed of 48 km/h, for up to 10 minutes. Symbol of its global ambitions, this is the first time that the company has presented its technology outside of Japan.

On the ecological side, the company declares that "the flying car is an emission-free electric vehicle allowing rapid and safe door-to-door transport anywhere, it can also be used for emergency rescue missioon."

The model meets both environmental and safety requirements. Thus, in November 2021, the Japanese authorities granted a safety certificate to this model, which became the first flying car to receive this distinction.

The next objective: to offer its flying taxi service by 2025. Indeed, SkyDrive has just announced a new model, the SD-05 (we avoid the number 4 in Japan!), which is being developed and should be marketed as an air taxi on the occasion of the World Exposition 2025 in Osaka.

Question: And you, would you be tempted to drive or be driven by a flying car? 


€ 470 for flights to ... nowhereA Japanese airline company is selling flights tickets that have no destination.

In Japan, some are ready to live an unprecedented experience: taking a plane without a destination. Everything looks like an ordinary trip, from arrival at the airport to boarding. But no need to fasten your seat belt for the passengers because the plane ... won't take off. As soon as they are seated, meals and drinks are served by the hostesses, while travelers take pictures of themselves on board the plane.

Who would pay for that, you may think? Customers, nostalgic of the pre-COVID life, most of whom have not boarded a plane since the start of the pandemic. For this unusual experience, some paid up to 470 euros for a seat in first class and 80 euros for economy class. Since the airline began offering this service, 4,400 tickets have been sold.

Question: Do you like the plane so much to get a ticket without a destination?


The dean of humanityPicture taken during the birthday of the oldest woman alive, Kane Tanaka

119 years old! This is the age of Kane Tanaka, also called "dean of humanity". The Japanese born in 1903, who currently lives in a retirement home, worked until 103 years old for the family business.

Her great-granddaughter shared recent photos of herself on Twitter to celebrate the event.

Described by those around her as always playful and curious, this woman particularly enjoys mathematics, which helps her to stay intellectually alert.

The record for longevity still belongs to the Frenchwoman Jeanne Calment, who died in 1997 at the age of 122 years.

According to United Nations data, Japan is the country with the most centenarians in the world, accounting for 0.062% of the inhabitants of the archipelago. This is mainly due to a healthy diet but also the very efficient health and care system for the elderly.

Coupled with the lack of births, experts predict the overall aging of the Japanese population, which has continued to decline since 2007 and is expected to decline more and more over the next 30 years.

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