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News from Japan - March 4, 2022

The trailer for "Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero"

The trailer for

Toei Animation has released a new trailer for “Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero”.

The animated film will be released on April 22 in Japan and will mainly highlight somewhat neglected characters: Son Gohan, son of the main character Son Goku, and Piccolo, Namekian fighter and Gohan's mentor.

Fans of Goku or Vegeta, don't worry, they are also part of the film, but the Gohan - Piccolo duo will be at the center of the action. And for the nostalgic, these heroes will fight against new antagonists from the Red Ribbon Army.

In addition, it was announced a new transformation of the character Piccolo, favorite character of the creator of the saga - Akira Toriyama.

For the moment, no release date in France has been announced, although in 2019 “Dragon Ball Super Broly” was released 4 months after the Japanese release.


The 2025 Universal Expo in Osaka and its mascots

The 3 proposals for the 2025 Universal Expo in Osaka and its mascots

The 2025 World Expo will take place in Japan, and more precisely in Osaka. The theme of the event will be: Designing the future society for our lives.

The official logo, an irregularly shaped blood-red ring made up of eyeballs, has already been talked about in the country. Indeed, it is reminiscent of an anime or video game monster.

In addition to the Expo 2025 logo, mascots have been proposed to the public, in order to designate an official one. Nevertheless, the three finalist candidates are considered strange, even frightening.

Among these 3 candidates, it is especially the last two who receive the most criticism, resembling mutants according to the public.


A film with Brad Pitt in a shinkansen (Japanese high-speed rail)

Bullet Train, a film with Brad Pitt in a japanese shinkansen

The trailer for a new movie, Bullet Train, whose main character appears to be Brad Pitt, features Japan.

With its Hollywood twist, the film is based on a novel set in the Land of the Rising Sun. Five assassins will find themselves in a Japanese high-speed rail (shinkansen) coming from Tokyo and bound for Morioka.

Brad Pitt, nicknamed “Burapi” by the Japanese, seems to be appreciated by the spectators. The Japanese still perceive some differences between the representation of their country and the reality.

In Hollywood guise, this alluring take on Japan features demon masks, a walk through Akihabara at night, and sakura petals falling on yakuza wielding samurai swords.

The Japanese still seem to appreciate this version, which seems to be a future success. It will be in cinemas in France in July 2022.

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