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News from Japan - June 2, 2022

A blanket with fans for summer nights

Fanneru, a japanese blanket with fans for hot summer nights

You may know this, but summer in Japan can be torture for some people. Indeed, it is so hot that it becomes impossible to sleep at night. Fortunately, a company has created the Fanneru, a blanket with 2 built-in fans, which can save your life on hot summer nights.

Developed by the Japanese company Thanko-yes, the cover also includes a remote control to adjust the fans and a timer.

The price of this product is 9,800 yen, or 70 euros.


The impressive pull-up world record

Adachi Kenta, the japanese guy that established the World Guinness Record

Adachi Kenta, a Japanese Coast Guard diver, set the world record for the number of consecutive pulls.

By lifting his own weight 651 times, in 1h27, the 34-year-old man's record was recognized by the Guinness World Record.

Mr Kenta says pull-ups are essential for his trade, although he could only perform 12 when he joined the Coastguard.


30,000 foreign tourists per day in Japan from July

Narita Airport, welcoming tourists in Japan

While since yesterday, the entry limit for tourists has doubled (20,000 per day), the government plans to increase to 30,000 foreigners per day from July 1.

Until then, tourists will be able to return to the country on organized tours from June 10. Japan's strict entry rules continue to ease little by little...

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