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News from Japan - March 2, 2022

Drones deliver meals or medicine

Drones deliver meals or medicine in Japan

Trials have been carried out in Japan for the use of drones. A city near Tokyo has tested a drone for the rapid delivery of noodle meals. Equipped with six propellers and measuring one meter long, it is designed so that the platform remains horizontal.

Thus, the device traveled 1.7 kilometers in about ten minutes, without spilling the content on the road. This could therefore help elderly people who have difficulty leaving their homes.

Other tests have tried using drones to transport medicine to hospitals in emergencies.


A cat is made a priest of a shrine

The cat called Nitama cat is made a priest of a shrine

In Japan, “Cat Day”, celebrated on February 22, saw the appointment of Nitama (a famous cat from Kishi Station) as a priest of a shrine.

Successor to Tama, a stationmaster cat who died in 2015, Nitama was appointed chief priest of Tama Shrine by Wakayama Electric chairman Mitsunobu Kojima.

The Japanese, passionate about felines, had to pay homage to these popular cats of the archipelago. The biggest Japanese media were thus present to immortalize the assumption of office of Nitama.


Coca-Cola Japan Launches Environmental Water Dispenser

Coca-Cola Japan Launches Environmental Water Dispenser

Coca-Cola Japan, in an effort to reduce plastic waste, has launched a water dispenser to fill your own bottle.

The “Bon Aqua Water Bar” offers five different types of water and meets the Coca-Cola Group’s goal of 25% reusable packaging by 2030.

This innovation is part of Coca-Cola Japan's approach to making its products more environmentally friendly. For example, the company has already removed the plastic labeling of drinks or reduced the amount of electricity needed for its vending machines.

This water bar offers to fill its bottle with cold water, at room temperature, hot or sparkling (strong or weak) at the price of 60 yen (47 cents). It is possible to buy a cup for those who do not have a bottle, at the price of 70 yen (55 cents).

The Bon Aqua Water Bar is already the subject of a pilot project at Universal Studios Japan and the Tiger Corporation in Osaka.

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