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News from Japan - March 1, 2022

A bar in Tokyo reserved for people in a bad mood

The Negative Cafe or Mori Ouchi Bar in Shimokitazawa is only welcoming customers in a bad mood

In the Tokyo district of Shimokitazawa (hipster district of the capital), there is an unusual bar: the Negative Cafe and Bar Mori Ouchi only welcomes people in a bad mood, grumpy, bad-tempered...

This tiny bar, entirely decorated in wood, contains a counter and isolated mini-cabin tables, so that customers can ruminate in peace. Although the clientele is grumpy, the atmosphere is conducive to calm and helps to soothe their ailments.

In Japan, the tatemae is de rigueur in society. It designates the facade behavior adopted out of politeness or social obligation.

The honest is what the person really thinks, especially with close friends or after drinking alcohol in an izakaya.

One could believe in hypocrisy, but it is rather a desire not to offend others.


Gaming apartments for rent

Gaming apartments for rent in Japan

Although a smartphone or a console is enough to play video games, many Japanese want to acquire complete gaming equipment, especially those aspiring to evolve in e-sport. Nevertheless, the complete gamer set is a real investment.

So, the company specializing in e-sport, Basara, offers the rental of fully furnished apartments, but above all fully equipped with the gaming set (PC, PC tower, mouse, keyboard, chair and desk) of a quality worthy of professionals.

The company offers several offers: the “Beginner” rental at 39,000 yen, or more than 300 euros, or the more expensive “Elite” rental for 69,000 yen (535 euros).

Basara hopes to develop this concept elsewhere in Japan, but also by offering this service for graphic designers and video creators who will be able to access the best equipment (monitors on articulated arms, graphic tablets, etc.).


A new conbini opens in Japan

A new conbini opens in Japan, the chain is called Sakura Mikura

Convenience stores are known to be very convenient. Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, they offer all types of products. Among them, we find the best known Family Mart, Lawson or 7-Eleven.

Recently, some conbinis have emerged under the name of Sakura Mikura. Owned by Zensho Holdings, which runs some very famous restaurants in Japan, these convenience stores offer dishes such as Mikura fried chicken bento, ramen, curry bread and churros.

In addition, it is possible to eat inside this conbini, thanks to the restaurant area of the store. As in a fast food restaurant, it is therefore possible to taste these very good dishes quickly and, like all combinations, in a practical way.

** conbini can also be written konbini in romanized script

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