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The Tokyo Snack Box of November 2020

Tokyo Snack Box de Novembre Snacks Japonais

This box is the 1st Tokyo Snack Box of all time, and was sent to around 30 people to get their opinions on how to improve the concept.

To order your monthly box, it's by here.

Here are the details of the snacks sent, as well as their allergenic ingredients, to avoid any problem.

1. Umaibo - Chicken Curry
Allergens: None but made in a workshop that uses eggs and shrimp.
Umaibo Chicken Curry

2. Amanoya - Rice cakes, soy sauce flavor
Allergens: Wheat and soy.
+ Made in a workshop that uses milk, shrimp, nuts.
Amanoya Crackers

3. Cider Gummy
Allergens: Gelatin
Cider Gummy

4. Cabbage Taro - Cabbage cookies
Allergens: Milk, wheat and soy
Cabbage Taro

5. Choco Daifuku - Chocolate Marshmallow
Allergens: Almonds, gelatin, eggs, milk, soy
Chocolate Daifuku Marshmallow

6. Sawa Paper - Long stick cola flavor
Allergens: Flour
Sawa Paper Cola

7. Crackers 3 tastes - Red: Shrimp // Green: Seaweed // Yellow: Yuzu
Allergens: Shrimp, Flour, Milk, Orange, Soy, Fish
Setoshio Rice crackers

8. Fettuccine - Grape
Allergens: Gelatin
Fettucine Gummy Grape

9. Kitkat - Sweet Potato
Allergens: Flour, milk, soy
+ Made in a workshop that uses almonds and peanuts

Kitkat Sweet Potato

10. Kitkat - Green tea
Allergens: Flour, milk, soy
+ Made in a workshop that uses almonds, eggs, peanuts, orange, sesame seeds, apple
Kitkat Green Tea

11. Lucky Corn - Sweet and Salted Corn
Allergens: Corn, flour, soybeans
+ Made in a workshop that uses milk, shrimp, eggs, crab
Lucky Corn

12. Meiji Chocolate - Green Tea
Allergens: Milk, soy
Meiji Chocolate Green Tea

13. Mochi Taro - Rice cakes, salt taste
Allergens: Flour
Mochi Taro

14. Chocolate banknotes
Allergens: Milk, soy
Chocolate Japanese money

15. Pineapple cookie
Allergens: Milk, eggs, flour, soy
Pineapple Cookie

16. Daifuku Pudding - Marshmallow pudding flavor
Allergens: Eggs, milk, soy, gelatin
Pudding Daifuku Marshmallow

17. Sakuranbo - Cherry sakura candy
Allergens: Soy
Sakuranbo Cherry

18. Pukupuku Tai - Taiyaki chocolate mousse flavor
Allergens: Milk, flour, soy
+ Made in a workshop that uses eggs and peanuts
Pukupuku Tai Chocolate

19.Bar fried tonkatsu taste
Allergens: Fish, flour, eggs, shrimps, soybeans, milk
Tonkatsu Dagashi

20. Wasabi Nori - Wasabi flavored sheet
Allergens: Flour, squid, soy
Wasabi Nori

Seeing all these snacks made you want?
To order the next Tokyo Snack Box, go to here.

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