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The monthly Japanese Tokyo Snack Box of September 2021

La Tokyo Snack Box du mois de Septembre 2021, pleine de confiseries et snacks japonais

Here is what was inside September 2021's box :

25 snacks: 16 savory / 9 sweet + 1 small gift from Japan

The gift was a hand fan with traditional Japanese design, as you can see from some examples below :

Japanese hand fan was a gift in the monthly Tokyo Snack Box of September 2021

To order the box from the current month, it's right here.

1. Kit Kat mini - Mont Blanc flavor
Allergens: wheat, milk, soy bean

Kit Kat Japonais goût Mont Blanc

2. Cracker BBQ flavor
Allergens: corn, chicken, pork, soy bean, milk

Japanese Cracker BBQ flavor

3. Cracker Mayonnaise Flavor
Allergens: soy bean, milk, wheat, eggs, chicken

JapaneseCracker Mayonnaise Flavor

4. Babystar ramen - Chicken Soup Flavor
Allergens: wheat, soy bean, chicken, pork, gelatin

Babystar ramen, Chicken Soup Flavor

5. Apple Roll Candy
Allergens: apple

Apple Roll Japanese Candy

6. Aji Cheese - small cheese balls
Allergens: wheat, cheese

Aji Cheese, small japanese cheese balls

7. Coffee Peanuts
Allergens: Peanuts

Japanese snacks Coffee Peanuts

8. Cracker Okonomiyaki Sauce Flavor
Allergens: rice, chicken, soy bean, wheat

Japanese Cracker Okonomiyaki Sauce Flavor

9. Dragon Ball Super Cola Gum
Allergens: Grape

Dragon Ball Super Cola Japanese Gum

10. Yoghurt ice cream flavored stick
Allergens: milk, soy, gelatin

Yoghurt ice cream flavored stick

11. Corn Pottage Flavored Snacks
Allergens: corn, chicken, pork, soy, milk

Corn Pottage Flavored Japanese Snacks

12. Sweet peanuts, gift design
Allergens: wheat, corn, peanuts

Sweet peanuts, gift design

13. Mini onigiri (rice ball) shaped crackers
Allergens: egg, whear, soy, pork

Mini onigiri shaped Japanese crackers

14. 4-types mix of candies (cider, cola, melon, white soda/calpis)
Allergens: wheat, soy

4-types mix of japanese candies

15. Monjayaki Senbei
Allergens: wheat, milk,shrimp, soy, chicken, pork, apple

Monjayaki Senbei is a japanese snack that tastes like the famous monjayaki from kansai area

16. Porickey BBQ - Barbercue flavored sticks
Allergens: wheat, beef, soy, chicken

Porickey BBQ, barbercue flavored sticks

17. Potato Fry - French fries taste
Allergens: wheat

Potato Fry, japanese snack that tastes like French fries

18. Potato Snack- Corn pottage chips
Allergens: wheat, corn

Potato Snack- Corn pottage japanese chips

19. Uncle Pierre's cream Roll
Allergens: wheat, milk, soy, eggs

Uncle Pierre's cream Roll

20. Sour Paper - cider flavored candy
Allergens: wheat

Sour Paper is a cider flavored japanese candy

21. Fried Squid, steak and pepper flavor
Allergens: squid, fish, wheat, eggs, chicken, beef, soy, pork

Japanese Fried Squid with steak and pepper flavor

22. Umaibo - Cinnamon and Apple Pie
Allergens: corn, wheat, apple

Umaibo that tastes like Cinnamon and Apple Pie

23. Umaibo - Takoyaki
Allergens: corn, wheat, milk, eggs, shrimp, chicken, pork, beef, apple, squid

Umaibo that tastes like Japanese Takoyaki

24. Umairin - Cheese Fondue
Allergens: corn, wheat, milk, egg, soy

Umairin that tastes like Japanese Cheese Fondue

25. Yakitoumorokoshi - Roasted Corn Cracker
Allergens: wheat, corn, soy, chicken

Yakitoumorokoshi is a Roasted Corn Japanese Cracker

Looking at all these snacks is tempting you?
To order your own monthly box, it's right here.

If you have some allergies or a special diet, we can try to replace the snacks.

If you got any question, feel free to reach out via the chat of this website or directly by email at: baptiste@tokyosnackbox.com

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