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The Tokyo Snack Box for November 2021

La Tokyo Snack Box de Novembre 2021, une box japonaise pleine de snacks et bonbons en provenance directe du Japon

Here is what the November 2021 box contains, with at least 25 snacks + 1 small gift from Japan + 1 omikuji (small horoscope-style message).

The gift was a mini eraser, shaped like traditional Japanese snacks, such as an onsen manju, a cup of green tea, a taiyaki, a dorayaki, some dango stick etc ... Please do not try to eat them.

Erasers shaped like traditional japanese snacks, included in the monthly snack box of November 2021

You can order the box of the current month, it's this way.

1. Kit Kat mini Milk Tea - milk tea flavor
Allergens: flour, milk, soy

2. Morokoshi Rintaro - corn flavor
Allergens: corn, flour, grapes, chicken, milk, soy

3. Texas Corn - takoyaki flavor
Allergens: corn, egg, shrimp, flour, soy, chicken, apple, mackerel

4. Texas Corn - yakiniku flavor
Allergens: flour, soy, beef, chicken

5. Umaibo - fish egg flavor
Allergens: flour, milk, soy, corn, fish

6. Umaibo - sweet rusk flavor
Allergens: corn, flour, milk, soy, egg

7. Umaibo - chocolate flavor
Allergens: corn, flour, milk, soy

8. Umairin - chocolate chou flavor
Allergens: milk, flour, soy

9. Sittori Choco - chocolate fondue flavor
Allergens: flour, milk, soy

10. Crispy Chocolate - chocolate cereal flavor
Allergens: flour, milk, soy

11. Young Donuts - sweet donuts flavor
Allergens: flour, milk, egg

12. Pon Kome Bar - sweet rice flavor
Allergens: flour, soy

13. Ika Ashi Arare - fried squid flavor
Allergens: flour, milk, soy, squid

14. Yocchan - mild and spicy squid flavor
Allergens: soy, squid, gelatin

15. Potato Maru Demon Slayer version - salted potato flavor
Allergens: flour, soy, egg, sesame

16. Roll of chewing gum - cola flavor
Allergens: apples

17. Otsumamitime - peanut flavor
Allergens: shrimp, peanuts, flour, soy

18. Wasabinori - wasabi flavor
Allergens: fish, flour, squid, soy

19. Toriyakisan - fried chicken flavor
Allergens: fish, flour, squid, soy

20. Apple soda gumi - apple flavor
Allergens: gelatin

21. Kabukiage - soy sauce crackers flavor
Allergens: flour, soy

22. Babystar - Yakisoba flavor
Allergens: pork, chicken, egg, flour, milk, soy, beef, fish, peach, apple

23. Yattamen - ramen flavor
Allergens: flour, soy, pork, chicken

24. Mochimochi Kun - peach or mangoflavor
Allergens: none

25. Don Taro - soy sauce udon flavor
Allergens: flour, milk, soy

Seeing all these snacks made you want? To order the monthly box, it's this way.

If you have allergies, contact us so that we can try to replace the snacks. Same if you are not eating pork / gelatin.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us directly at the following email address: baptiste@tokyosnackbox.com

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