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The Tokyo Snack Box of January 2021

Tokyo Snack Box Assortiment de Snacks Japonais Box de Janvier

To celebrate the New Year with family or friends, nothing better than a Tokyo Snack Box full of Japanese snacks.

To order your monthly box, it's by here.

First of all, in addition to snacks, this box contains a small Japanese gift: magnets with the effigy of the various regions of Japan.
In each Tokyo Snack Box, there is therefore one of these eighteen copies.

Le petit cadeau du Japon offert dans la Tokyo Snack Box de Janvier 2021

Here are the details of the snacks sent, as well as their allergenic ingredients. 
If you have dangerous allergies, don't take the risk!

We even made a unboxing video, To guide you.

1. Umaibo - Corn soup flavor.
Allergens: corn, flour, milk, soy
Tokyo Snack Box Japon Umaibo Corn Pottage Soupe de Mais Snacks Japonais

2. Bikkuriman - Chocolate wafer
Allergens: flour, milk, soy

Tokyo Snack Box Japon Bikkuriman Chocolat Snacks Japonais

3. KitKat - Sparkling wine and strawberry (0.1% alcohol)
Allergens: flour, milk, strawberry, soy
Tokyo Snack Box Japon KitKat Vin Pétillant et Fraise Snacks Japonais
4. Kakufu - honey taste
Allergens: flour, gluten, soy, honey

Tokyo Snack Box Japon Kakufu Snacks Japonais

5. Sour Paper - soda taste
Allergens: plain flour

Tokyo Snack Box Japon Sour Paper Snacks Japonais

6. Yakiniku-san - grilled meat taste
Allergens: flour, fish, squid, soy

Tokyo Snack Box Japon Yakiniku san Snacks Japonais

7. Fettuccine - muscat grape flavor
Allergens: grape, gelatin

Tokyo Snack Box Japon Fettucine Raison de Muscat Snacks Japonais

8. Uncle Pierre's Strawberry Cream Cake (ピ エ ー ル お じ さ ん)
Allergens: flour, milk, soy, egg, corn, strawberry

Tokyo Snack Box Japon Rouleau Fraise Oncle Pierre Snacks Japonais

9. Hitokuchi - Grilled sweet potato stick
Allergens: potatoes

Tokyo Snack Box Japon Hitokuchi Patates Douces Snacks Japonais

10. Mochitto Kinako - mochi (rice cake) flavored with kinako powder
Allergens: flour, gluten, gelatin

Tokyo Snack Box Japon Mochitto Kinako Snacks Japonais

11. Young Donuts - sugar donuts
Allergens: flour, eggs, soy, milk, honey

Tokyo Snack Box Japon Young Donuts Snacks Japonais

12. Neri Ume - Plum Paste Candy
Allergens: plum, gelatin

Tokyo Snack Box Japon Bonbons Prune Neri Ume Snacks Japonais

13. Umai Sugar Rusk - small biscuits with a sweet rusk taste
Allergens: corn, wheat, milk, eggs, soy

Tokyo Snack Box Japon Sugar Rusk Snacks Japonais

14. Bean flavored crackers (edamame) baked in the oven
Allergens: flour, wheat, soy

Tokyo Snack Box Japon Edamame Snacks Japonais

15. Homare Yaki - Shrimp Cracker
Allergens: sweet potato, shrimp, soy

Tokyo Snack Box Japon Homare Yaki Crevettes Snacks Japonais

16. Dondon Yaki - small crackers, Kimchi taste (spicy Korean cabbage)
Allergens: flour, soy, wheat

Tokyo Snack Box Japon Dondon Yaki Snacks Japonais

17. Ika Ashi Arare - Squid Cookies
Allergens: fish, squid, flour, soy, wheat

Tokyo Snack Box Japon Ika Ashi Arare Snacks Japonais au Calamar

18. Umai Rin - takoyaki taste
Allergens: corn, wheat, milk, eggs, shrimp, pork

Tokyo Snack Box Japon Umai Rin Snacks Japonais au Takoyaki

19. Grilled beef flavored crisps
Allergens: flour, soy, beef, gelatin

Tokyo Snack Box Japon Chips au Karubi Snacks Japonais

20. Kare Katsu - Japanese curry cutlet
Allergens: Flour, soy, seafood, fish, wheat, eggs, chicken, pork, apples, milk, squid, 

Tokyo Snack Box Japon Kare Katsu Snacks Japonais au Curry


The 5 additional snacks Family format

The Family format contains the 20 snacks of the Discovery format + these 5 snacks below for a total of 25 Japanese snacks.

21. Matsusaka Beef Cracker
Allergens: pork, chicken, beef, gelatin, milk, flour, soy
Cracker au boeuf de Matsusaka snack japonais

22. Morokoshi Rintaro - Chinese flavors
Allergens: corn, soy, flour, milk, beef, chicken, soy
Morokoshi Rintaro saveurs chinoises snack japonais

23. Kitkat - cheesecake
Allergens: milk, flour, soy
May contain traces: almond, egg, sesame
Kitkat cheesecake snack japonais

24. Kabayaki-san Taro - Unagi taste (Japanese eel)
Allergens: fish, flour, squid, soy

Kabayaki-san Taro snack japonais
25. Ottotto - Pokémon collaboration, vegetable soup flavor
Allergens: Flour, potatoes, soy, milk, gluten

Tokyo Snack Box Japon Ottotto Snacks Japonais au Consome

Seeing all these snacks made you want?
To order the next Tokyo Snack Box, go to here.

If you have fatal allergies, contact us so that we can try to replace the snacks. Same if you are Muslim and don't eat pork / gelatin.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us directly at the following email address: baptiste@tokyosnackbox.com

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