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The Tokyo Snack Box of February 2021

Tokyo Snack Box est un Assortiment de Snacks Japonais, voici la Box de Février

To celebrate this dbeginning ofyear 2021 with family or friends, nothing better than a Tokyo Snack Box full of Japanese snacks.

We took into account the feedback from previous customers who, for the most part, preferred to discover salty rather than sweet snacks.

Tokyo Snack Box Discovery format: 20 snacks: 15 savory / 5 sweet
Tokyo Snack Box Family format: 25 snacks: 17 savory / 8 sweet + 1 small gift from Japan

This month, the gifts will be shots of Japanese sake.

Tokyo Snack Box Cadeau du Japon Shot de Saké

And here is the video of unboxing.

To order your monthly box, it's by here.

Here is the detail of the snacks, as well as their allergenic ingredients (in writing ...)
If you have dangerous allergies, don't take the risk!

1. Umaibo - Yakitori (grilled chicken)
Allergens: corn, flour, milk, soy
Tokyo Snack Box Japon Umaibo Yakitori Snacks Japonais
2. Toppo - Corn flavored sticks
Allergens: (in progress)
Tokyo Snack Box Japon Toppo Soupe de Mais Snacks Japonais

3. KitKat - Strawberry cheese cake taste
Allergens: flour, milk, soy
Tokyo Snack Box Japon KitKat Fraise Cheese Cake Snacks Japonais

4. Nagoya no Miso Katsu - Nagoya cutlet, miso flavor
Allergens: soy, eggs, milk, shrimp
Nagoya No Miso Katsu, escalope à la sauce katsu, qui est la spécialité de la ville de Nagoya

5. Heart Chiple - Grilled meat taste
Allergens: milk, soy
Tokyo Snack Box Japon Heart Chiple Yakiniku Snacks Japonais

6. Don Taro - Kitsune udon taste (thick Japanese noodles)
Allergens: flour, soy
Tokyo Snack Box Japon Don Taro Udon Snacks Japonais

7. Tamanegi San Taro - Taste onions
Allergens: corn, onion
Tokyo Snack Box Japon Tamanegi Onion Snacks Japonais

8. Soba Meshi - Soba taste (thin Japanese noodles)
Allergens: flour, soy
Tokyo Snack Box Japon Soba Meshi Snacks Japonais

9. Onigiri Senbei - Crackers with onigiri flavor
Allergens: egg, soy, pork
Tokyo Snack Box Japon Onigiri Senbei Snacks Japonais

10. Milk Ball - Sweet milk taste
Allergens: egg, milk, soy
Tokyo Snack Box Japon Milk Ball Snacks Japonais

11. Aji Cheese - Cheese cookies
Allergens: milk, wheat
Tokyo Snack Box Japon Fromage Snacks Japonais

12. Katto Yocchan - Squid taste
Allergens: soy, gelatin, squid
Tokyo Snack Box Japon Katto Yocchan au Calamar Snacks Japonais

13. Daiken - Mini (fake) grape flavored yogurt
Allergens: flour, soy
Tokyo Snack Box Japon Yahourt Raisin Snacks Japonais

14. Chocolate Pie - Chocolate pie taste
Allergens: flour, milk
Tokyo Snack Box Japon Tarte au chocolat Snacks Japonais

15. Panda Melon - Buttery taste
Allergens: egg, milk, flour
Tokyo Snack Box Japon Melon Panda Snacks Japonais

16. Potato Snack Consome - Chips flavored with vegetable soup
Allergens: flour, pork, milk, sesame
Tokyo Snack Box Japon Chips Consome Snacks Japonais

17. Pon Kome Bar - Puffed rice with soy sauce
Allergens: soy
Tokyo Snack Box Japon Pon Kome Bar Snacks Japonais

18. Kabukiage special - Rice cake
Allergens: soy
Tokyo Snack Box Japon Kabukiyage Spécial Snacks Japonais

19. Ika Ten - Pepper steak taste
Allergens: squid, flour, beef
Tokyo Snack Box Japon Ika Ten Steak Poivre Snacks Japonais

20. Chimi Ginko - Spicy taste + mayonnaise
Allergens: fish, soy, egg
Tokyo Snack Box Japon Billet de Banque Snacks Japonais

The 5 additional snacks Family format

The Family format contains the 20 snacks of the Discovery format + these 5 snacks below for a total of 25 Japanese snacks.

21. Taiarare - Fish taste, with sea bream.
Allergens: fish, flour, soy
Tokyo Snack Box Japon Taiarare Snacks Japonais

22. Noshi Ume San Taro - Plum taste
Allergens: fish, flour, soy
Tokyo Snack Box Japon Noshi Ume Prune Snacks Japonais

23. Nakano no Miyako Konbu - Popular snack of Nakano
Allergens: fish, soy
Tokyo Snack Box Japon Nakano No Miyako Konbu Snacks Japonais

24. Yaitara - Fish taste
Allergens: fish, squid, soy
Tokyo Snack Box Japon Yaitara Poisson Snacks Japonais

25. Black Thunder - Chocolate and butter
Allergens: flour, milk, soy
Tokyo Snack Box Japon Black Thunder au beurre Snacks Japonais

Seeing all these snacks made you want?
To order the next Tokyo Snack Box, go to here.

If you have fatal allergies, contact us so that we can try to replace the snacks. Same if you are not eating pork / gelatin.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us directly at the following email address: baptiste@tokyosnackbox.com

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