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The Tokyo Snack Box of December 2020

Tokyo Snack Box Snacks Japonais Box de Décembre pour Noël

To celebrate Christmas with family or friends, nothing better than a Tokyo Snack Box full of Japanese snacks.

First of all, in addition to snacks, this box contained Japanese goodies, coasters representing the Japanese artistic movement "Ukiyo-e" of the 19th century.
In each Tokyo Snack Box, there was therefore one of these six copies.

Goodies japonais dessous de verre époque Ukiyo-e

To order your monthly box, it's by here.

Here are the details of the snacks sent, as well as their allergenic ingredients.
If you have dangerous allergies, don't take a risk!

We even made a unboxing video, To guide you.

1. Umaibo - Chocolate, Christmas special
Allergens: corn, flour, milk, soy

Umaibo Chocolat edition spéciale Noël snack japonais

2. Tacosenbei - octopus cracker
Allergens: shrimp, octopus, flour, soy
Takosenbei cracker au pouple snack japonais

3. Tanseido - mini chocolate pudding
Allergens: milk, egg, soy

Tanseido mini pudding au chocolat snack japonais

4. Kabayaki-san Taro - Unagi taste (Japanese eel)
Allergens: fish, flour, squid, soy

Kabayaki-san Taro snack japonais

5. Amaika Taro - Sweet squid, kimchi sauce (Korean spicy cabbage)
Allergens: fish, flour, squid, soy
Amaika Taro Calamar sucré snack japonais

6. Peyang Yakisoba - Yakisoba flavored cracker with katsu sauce (Japanese noodles)
Allergens: flour, fish, egg, milk, sesame, soy, chicken, pork, apple, pear

Peyang Yakisoba Cracker goût yakisoba sauce katsu snack japonais

7. Kitkat - Onsen manju (Japanese buns stuffed with sweet red bean)
Allergens: milk, flour, soy
May contain traces: almond, egg, sesame

Kitkat onsen manju snack japonais

8. Kitkat - cheesecake
Allergens: milk, flour, soy
May contain traces: almond, egg, sesame
Kitkat cheesecake snack japonais
9. Caramel popcorn
Allergens: corn, nuts, almonds, soybeans, milk
May contain traces: egg, flour, shrimp, crab

Maïs soufflé au caramel snack japonais

10. Morokoshi Rintaro - Chinese flavors
Allergens: corn, soy, flour, milk, beef, chicken, soy
Morokoshi Rintaro saveurs chinoises snack japonais

11. Porickey - little corn-flavored sticks.
Allergens: flour, milk, egg, soy, chicken, corn

Porickey petits bâtonnets goût maïs snack japonais

12. Ebisen - shrimp cracker
Allergens: corn, flour, shrimp
May contain traces: egg, milk, soy

Ebisen cracker à la crevette snack japonais

13. Butter and sweet potato crisps
Allergens: corn, flour, cheese, butter, milk, soy

Chips au beurre et à la patate douce snack japonais

14. Puku Puku Tai - Taiyaki (Japanese fish-shaped waffle) strawberry flavor
Allergens: flour, milk, soy
May contain traces: egg, peanuts, seafood

Puku Puku Tai ichigo Taiyaki goût fraise snack japonais

15. Honey and Kinako powder stick
Allergens: soy, flour
Bâtonnet au miel et à la poudre Kinako snack japonais

16. Uncle Pierre's Buttercream Cake (ピ エ ー ル お じ さ ん)
Allergens: flour, milk, soy, egg, corn
Gâteau à crème au beurre de l'oncle Pierre snack japonais

17. Matsusaka Beef Cracker
Allergens: pork, chicken, beef, gelatin, milk, flour, soy
Cracker au boeuf de Matsusaka snack japonais

18. Mini Ramune (lemon)
Allergens: milk
Mini Ramune snack japonais

19. Mayonnaise and persimmon snack (Japanese vegetable)
Allergens: mayonnaise, fish, flour, milk, soy, pork, chicken, egg
May contain traces: shrimp, peanuts, crab

mayonnaise et kaki snack japonais

20. Sandā (Thunder) with corn soup
Allergens: corn, milk, flour, soy
May contain traces: peanuts, egg
Sandā (Thunder) à la soupe de maïs snack japonais

The 5 additional snacks in the Family format

The Family format contains the 20 snacks of the Discovery format + these 5 snacks below for a total of 25 Japanese snacks.

21. Chocolate Toppo
Allergensmilk, flour, soy
May contain traces: egg

Toppo au chocolat snack japonais


22. Peach candies
Allergens: gelatin
May contain traces: milk

Bonbons à la pêche snack japonais


23. Amanoya - Rice cakes, soy sauce flavor
Allergens: Wheat and soy.
May contain traces: milk, shrimp, nuts.
Amanoya Crackers

24. Sakuranbo - Cherry sakura candy
Allergens: Soy
Sakuranbo Cherry

25. Pineapple cookie
Allergens: Milk, eggs, flour, soy
Pineapple Cookie

Seeing all these snacks made you want?
To order the next Tokyo Snack Box, go to here.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us directly at the following email address: baptiste@tokyosnackbox.com

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